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  1. Synd Synd:
    Anong meron guys?😳
  2. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
  3. balahura balahura:
    tumbang preso muna ngaun @agent_explorer πŸ€ͺ
  4. balahura balahura:
    pwede din 8000 @kryptik
  5. Petermont Petermont:
  6. arneil arneil:
    pwede un server idol mismo proxy port 8080 lng
  7. K kryptik:
    respect ponewbie
  8. K kryptik:
    Good day, anu ba nilalagay sa proxy port sa injecti
  9. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    ano laro ngaun?
  10. balahura balahura:
    bagong labas galing sa baul all network configs...tirahin nyo na kesa tirahin pa ng iba...πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Joms Gumban Joms Gumban:
    Yes sir..maraming slamat
  12. balahura balahura:
    natanggap nyo na ba ung balato galing ky [email protected],Joms Gumban...
  13. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    Close muna 4rth event..bukas pa 3rd 2nd event..bka alam nyo sagot bgyan ko kau credit 1k..
  14. arneil arneil:
    wag n kayo magpahuli mga boss sali lang ng sali sa mga event dto
  15. arneil arneil:
    salamat boss sa 1000 credits n panalo ko sa event m idol
  16. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    grats philippines!!! pakyaw!!!
  17. Petermont Petermont:
    link live ni pacman πŸ‘‰
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  18. therine07 therine07:
    share pomkayo ng livestream ni pacman
  19. Lenz Lenz:
    :D :D :D :D
  20. Petermont Petermont:
    Kape para kay pacman 😁
  21. Petermont Petermont:
  22. arneil arneil:
    gud am mga boss.
  23. Petermont Petermont:
    πŸ‘ @agent_explorer .. Keep sharing master
  24. Petermont Petermont:
    Yung 100 credits master @Lenz .. Nadownload ko pero nakalagay expire na daw yung file txt
  25. Joms Gumban Joms Gumban:
    Gud evening sa mga online jan😊
  26. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    Pa tpusin ko muna event ni pakyaw....este ni balahura pla..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then proceed tau nxt event..2 3 4 event buhay pa..f gusto nyo 1k credit pwd pa habol..
  27. Lenz Lenz:
    @Petermont magkano'ng credit yun?
  28. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    View mo tol html viewer hanapin mo sa downloads sa internal o sdcard..tpos copy mo un code at paste mo dun sa panel code exchange..
  29. Petermont Petermont:
    gg hindi ko nagamit ang code na expire na daw
  30. Petermont Petermont:
    O baka matagal lang ma download
  31. Petermont Petermont:
    mSter @Lenz Saan makikita yung na download na credit code format? Wla sa download file ko kasi ? Hehe cnxa na
  32. BlooDHackS BlooDHackS:
    wazzup hahaha
  33. Joms Gumban Joms Gumban:
    Slamat boss nkuha ko na
  34. Petermont Petermont:
    Nakuha kona master @agent_explorer Salamat 😁
  35. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    wait lng sa price nyo mga tol my customer lng ako..pera muna!!!!
  36. balahura balahura:
    aling firenet ang cnasabi m @Samsam22 ???
  37. Selbbub13 Selbbub13:
    @Lenz engen naman po ng droplets
  38. S Samsam22:
    Hi po ask ko lng pano gamitin firenet kaka dl ko lng pano po ung sa payload
  39. arneil arneil:
    salamat boss lenz
  40. Petermont Petermont:
    Nice master @Lenz
  41. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    Wow ayus!!! :eek:
  42. Lenz Lenz:
    sa mga naghahanap ng squid proxies, meron na sa panel.. every 15mins nag-a-update yun. kaya enjoy!!
  43. Petermont Petermont:
    Salamat bossing @balahura
  44. Lenz Lenz:
    sa mga nakapag ipon na ng credits at gusto mapalitan ng panel points dito kayo pumunta,
  45. Lenz Lenz:
  46. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    sayang nmn 1ooo credit points!!! 2nd 3rd 4rth event still open!!! heheheh
  47. balahura balahura:
    Guys sali kau....4th events na...sayang ang pinamimigay ni milyonaryong agent_explorer....
  48. balahura balahura:
    @Petermont punta ka GAMES AND EVENTS
  49. Petermont Petermont:
    Saan ba pwedi sumali boss @arneil
  50. arneil arneil:
    my 4th event napo guys sali n kau legit nagbibigay ng 1k credit points sali na
  51. arneil arneil:
    sali lang po sa mga events para magkaroon din kau mga idol
  52. arneil arneil:
    salamat po sa 1000 points mga boss ng firenetph legit
  53. Lenz Lenz: > Digital Ocean > Singapore @Blu3earth
  54. Blu3earth Blu3earth:
    Master lenz pabulong nangvip nong tumira
  55. Selbbub13 Selbbub13:
    nice master pero need ko muna mag sipag mag share ng ehi para maging stab
  56. Lenz Lenz:
    yun lang.. sali sali nalang sa games. :D :D
  57. Petermont Petermont:
    nice master @Lenz ...pero 9.20 β‚΅ credits ko sayang
  58. Lenz Lenz:
    MEGA credit code now available @ Resources section 100credit points needed para madownload.. ipon ipon din pag may time
  59. Lenz Lenz:
    ayos na. na DDoS yung allied forum.. pero ayos na. :D
  60. Lenz Lenz:
    Down site saglit kasi parang may tumira. clarify ko lang :D :D :D
  61. D deadtungaw:
    huwaw galeng...
  62. balahura balahura:
    magandang umaga sa inyong lahat...ung mga gusto ng free credits join kau sa game section...
  63. Joms Gumban Joms Gumban:
    Gud morning guys😊
  64. Petermont Petermont:
  65. titangel titangel:
    ayos. amg lupit nito admin
  66. Blu3earth Blu3earth:
    Ayos to ah gsaling.
  67. alvin05 alvin05:
    Pwede ba magchange ng username dito? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…
  68. balahura balahura:
    @Popodepo try m ung config q...
  69. Petermont Petermont:
  70. Lenz Lenz:
    na confirm na ata kanina.. pa check sa points balance ng account mo sa panel
  71. Tepjoy Tepjoy:
    Mga boss pa confirm naman ung credit exchange ko..salamat!
  72. arneil arneil:
    nice one boss
  73. Petermont Petermont:
  74. Selbbub13 Selbbub13:
    thanks keep it up:love:
  75. Lenz Lenz:
    Good evening sa lahat!! nilipat nalang ni admin yung shoutbox dito para madali makita at masagot agad kung may mga katanungan yung mga newbies
  76. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    New thread location nasa game and events na!!
  77. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    Sa general topic pla!! Event start now!!!
  78. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    Gud eves!!! My event tau mga firenetizen!! Mamimigay ako ng credit points!!! 1000 per winner abangan nyo sa firenet bulletin!!!
  79. Popodepo Popodepo:
    Na deads yata ung gigavideo hindi na ko makaconnect either ovpn or httpinjector
  80. henry091082 henry091082:
    hello, Tuesday
  81. henry091082 henry091082:
    paano sir maka kuha ng credits sa panel
  82. henry091082 henry091082:
    Sir Lenz,, di po ako makapasok sa panel.. admin admin po ba ang username at pass??
  83. henry091082 henry091082:
    Hello Monday...
  84. azrul azrul:
    how can i get digital ocean ssh here.please helpπŸ˜”
  85. henry091082 henry091082:
    hello tuesday.. Have a nice Day
  86. henry091082 henry091082:
    Hello Monday.. Nice to be here.. Have a nice Day Guys..
  87. Lenz Lenz:
  88. johnsew1 johnsew1:
  89. ramilemontemayor ramilemontemayor:
  90. henry091082 henry091082:
    Thank you po sir Lenz sa Welcome.. God Bless
  91. henry091082 henry091082:
    Good Morning po
  92. agent_explorer agent_explorer:
    shout out sa mga online jan!!! kaway2 (y)(y):ROFLMAO:
  93. Lenz Lenz:
    hello, welcome sa inyo
  94. Bibongbata Bibongbata:
    Pano gagana sir??
  95. henry091082 henry091082:
    New Member Here.. What's Up Guys..
  96. Blu3earth Blu3earth:
    Thank You firenetph for celebrating my birthday firstime ko sa forum sites mkareceived nang birthday gift...