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Nov 7, 2018
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[SIZE=5]Official Language Policy[/SIZE]

  • Members can only speak in English or Tagalog language.
[SIZE=5]General Rules[/SIZE]

  • Usernames with malicious or illicit words must not be used.
  • Usernames containing foul words are prohibited and will be deleted at once.
  • No Spamming. Any form of advertisements pertaining to other sites / forum site(s) is strictly prohibited.
  • Posts containing racism, foul words, bullying or threatening other members are not allowed.
  • Use of avatars, signatures, profile pictures and screenshots containing any name or initials
    that resembles the name of other forum site(s) is considered as advertising and should be avoided.
  • Giving credits shows respect. It’s known to us all that most if not all forum members go from one forum to another in search of knowledge. If your share came from another person, give proper credits to the original author of your share, do not claim it as your own. Be honest. Any member found “stealing” other people’s idea or discovery will be given a warning. Three warnings of the same nature / 10 points of warning will get you banned.
  • We strictly do not allow Fullz, Carding, Hacking & Credit Card numbers from BIN. Data with individual's name, security number, birth date, account numbers and other data.
[SIZE=5]Thread, Profile Post, Conversation, & Shoutbox Rules[/SIZE]

  • Firenet does not allow referral, commission, or affiliate links.
    Posts that contain referrals or affiliate links, intentional or not, may be issued warnings.
    Linking blog sites is not allowed.
  • Posting in SMS format / text message / all capital letters / jejemon style posts must be avoided.
  • Spamming, double posting, flooding are not allowed.
  • Please refrain from making one word, single or all smiley posts as they can appear to be spam and are too vague to be sufficient feedback.
  • Discriminating, chatting in forums, off topic posts are not allowed.
  • Please be polite, rudeness will not be tolerated.

[SIZE=5]Nudity and pornography[/SIZE]
  • pornographic images, videos, or games
  • pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai/ecchi)
  • nudity
[SIZE=5]Sexually gratifying content[/SIZE]
  • close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches
  • sheer or see-through clothing or lingerie
  • strategically covered nudity (includes situations in which genitals are blurred out by camera)
  • images of men or women posing and/or undressing in a seductive manner
[SIZE=5]Sexual tips and health[/SIZE]
  • advice about improving sexual performance
  • discussions and/or images of sexually transmitted diseases
  • sexual health advice related to pregnancy, childbirth, or family planning
[SIZE=5]Tobacco related content[/SIZE]
  • Avoid tobacco and tobacco-related content.
  • Including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, vape, vaping, marijuana and rolling papers.
Members are NOT permitted to post adult or mature content.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.
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