Tips for condo sharing


Mar 12, 2019
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For many dwellers in Metro Manila, condominium living is the best rental option out there. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a clean and stylish home surrounded by fun amenities. The only downside is that condominium rent is very pricey. Add to that are the association fees required for each tenant to pay.
That’s why many Filipino renters resort to condo sharing. The latest trend in rental scene, condo sharing is when a unit owner rents out his place or share it with other people. It’s a cheap way to enjoy the condominium lifestyle without breaking the bank. Here are some few tips on how you can be successful with condo sharing.

Determine the number of renters
Are you sure that you’re comfortable with sharing space with other people? If not, then renting solo might be the best way for you. Find out first if how many people will be living in the condominium unit. Assess also if the condominium space can hold the desired number of people.

Get to know the other renters
Having a roommate is like dating. Chemistry is key in having a harmonious home. Having friends as co-sharers is not a bad idea. If your future roommates are stranger, always do a quick background on their finances and personal history just to be safe.

Set ground rules
Always set rules when it comes to visitors, use of electricity and water, and cleanliness. Create a calendar on who should take out the trash every week and for upcoming visitors. These rules can create a safe space for all renters.

Know the fees
Aside from rent and utilities, there are other fees that need to be paid in a condominium property. List down these fees and calculate on how the shares will cost. Always notify each other on the deadline of the rent and the fees.[/SIZE]

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