Energy boosting foods


Mar 12, 2019
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Whether it is a long work day, running after the kids or just the summer heat, quite often it feels as though exhaustion suddenly takes over. It is as if you need to put your feet up and take a short nap or at least find a snack to give you a quick burst of energy. Truth is that it is not always the right time to take a break and the wrong snack can leave you more tired than before.
Luckily the solution is easier than you might think. There are many foods that actually energize your body, which are also healthy and tasty, too. By adding these foods to your day you are sure to give your body the fuel it needs to keep going. Not only will you feel more awake but you will stay recharged for some time to come![/SIZE]

Keeping hydrated is key to staying awake and alert. With about 60 percent of our body being made up of water, it is no surprise that one needs to keep drinking to feed their skin, brain, and muscles. Research shows that dehydration not only slows your metabolism but drains your energy. So drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day and being sure to grab a glass when you start to feel sluggish, can certainly help to perk you up.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Greek Yogurt
This delicious, calcium-rich food is high in protein and lower in sugar than traditional yogurt. By adding this to your day, you are sure to satisfy hunger and give your body a lift in energy to keep you going. For those who have a dairy allergy, it is important to opt for a dairy free yogurt that is low in sugar. For example, soy yogurt is made of a complete protein that provides essential nutrients and boosts energy as well. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Nuts and Seeds
A handful of almonds, peanut butter on an apple, pumpkin seeds or a trail mix might just hit the spot. All of these snacks are high in protein and fat, not to mention taste. Keep in mind that nuts and seeds provide the body with a great source of healthy fat, a nutrient that does not make you “fat” but helps you feel satisfied and feed your brain. Portion control is key, as they are higher in calories, but these snacks are certainly worth adding to your diet. Those who are allergic to nuts can consider adding sun butter, which is a peanut butter alternative made from sunflower seeds. This nut butter alternative will provide a similar rich source of protein and fat.[/SIZE]

Red, yellow or green it doesn’t matter which apple variety you choose. Studies show that an apple will provide the body with more long-standing energy than a cup of coffee. Apples are rich in fructose, which takes a longer time to be metabolized into glucose, making it a great energy source. Eating an apple gives you a supply of glucose that feeds your body for at least an hour or more.[/SIZE]

Rich in potassium, this fruit provides for a satisfying taste as well as a source of energy. They are packed with carbohydrates and natural sugars, which give you the burst of energy you need. Whether it is eaten alone, blended into a smoothie or topped with a nut butter, it seems to hit the spot.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Spinach or Kale
These leafy greens are the perfect addition to any meal, or even as a snack. Loaded with B vitamins and fiber, they energize you as you enjoy their crispy taste. The rich content of antioxidants also help to lift one’s mood and defend the brain against radicals. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Dark Chocolate
This perfect sweet snack will do the trick right after lunch or dinner, or even when you are looking for something for a quick pick-me-up. Dark chocolate contains theobromine, a natural stimulant, that gives your body a lift. For a richer source opt for one that has 70% or more of cacao. For those with an allergy, carob might be a suitable substitute. Carob is loaded in pectin and fiber, which will help to keep blood sugar levels stable, and satisfy that same sweet tooth.[/SIZE]

Vitamin C actually has been shown to give your body a burst of energy by pushing oxygen up through your body and up to your brain. So what better option than to choose a delicious fresh orange as a great snack.The smell of oranges has also been found to be soothing, allowing you to feel relaxed and refreshed.[/SIZE]

This great energy source is full of protein, zinc, and iron. This protein has been found to provide sustained energy, as well as satiety and the ability to fuel your muscles. Grab a hard boiled egg as part of your breakfast, or even as your afternoon snack! For those allergic to eggs it may be important to find another protein option, such as fish or chicken, to add to your diet as a viable source of energy.
Don’t sit back and let exhaustion take over, instead opt for an energizing snack and keep on going![/SIZE]