Advantages of living near business districts


Mar 12, 2019
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Because of the flourishing business sector in the Philippines, business districts are now springing up all over the country. Top cities, such as Makati, Taguig, Pasig, and Pasay, all have their own business districts to cater to the needs of industries and employees alike.

However, these business districts aren’t always the best option for home buyers. Traffic can be really bad in these locations and they can be crowded or polluted. There’s also the issue of a higher cost of living. But there are also advantages to living in business districts.

Here are a few examples:

Jobs galore

Of course, the number one thing that a business districtoffers is jobs. You’ll surely find one that fits your credentials in these areas. Living in proximity to these business districts can cut down your commute hours and save you money.

Government offices are nearby

Government offices and their satellite branches are often located in business districts. This means registering for permits or taking care of official paperwork is easy. Foreign embassies are usually located in business districts.

Premium health care

Aside from businesses and government offices, business districts are also known for having top-notch medical facilities. The Fort’s St. Luke’s Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in the country. Meanwhile, Makati has the Makati Medical Center and Ortigas has The Medical City.

Bustling social life

Business districts also contain plenty of entertainment establishments built to create a work and play balance. Trendy bars and clubs can be found in nooks of these areas. Meanwhile, families can enjoy a stroll in a park or shopping at the malls. There are also museums and cafes for artsy millennials.

Abundance of commercial spaces

Business districts have tons of commercial spaces to offer start-ups and SMEs. Though they’re a bit pricey, having an office in a business district means you have more access to a diverse workforce and a larger customer base. It also looks great on paper when you have an office in a hot location.

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