Guide when buying foreclosed properties


Mar 12, 2019
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It’s easy to see why so many people consider buying foreclosed properties since this type of home usually costs less than regular homes. Metro Manila is filled with foreclosed properties making it easier for a home hunter to find such a unit. Both investors and end users acquire foreclosed properties to help them find an affordable piece of real estate that suits their budget. Want to know more about foreclosed real estate? Below are a few things to consider when buying foreclosed properties.

Act quickly to get a bargain

Banks and lenders often dispose of foreclosed assets right away. The longer they keep these properties, the more losses they incur. That’s why foreclosed properties are priced cheaply. But that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to win. Banks are known for getting a large pool of bids before choosing for the lucky buyer.

Inspect the property

A good bargain does not guarantee quality. Don’t rely on photos alone. Bring an appraiser when you visit the property to know how much value it still has. Make sure everything is in working order before buying and don’t forget to ensure that the furniture is in good shape if it is included.

Explore the neighborhood

Neighborhoods with less foot traffic may depreciate in value in the future. Check to see if the neighborhood is run down or bustling with activity. See what demand for property is like and if there are new infrastructure projects being built in the area.

Think long term

Choose a property that you can use for the long term or will be able to rent out for years to come. Just because a foreclosed property is cheap doesn’t mean it is a good buy. Be diligent and understand what the value will be both today and in the future.

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