Quick steps to change PLDT WiFi password 2019


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Nov 8, 2018
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PLDT wifi password. Most Filipinos or PLDT subscribers use the same default WiFi password as given or used by their respective PLDT Modem/router. Is there something wrong? Well, not really except that it is very easy to [I]hack[/I].

Should I change my
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WiFi password? It seems safe because it has a letter and number combinations. At first look, it looks hard to hack but most if not all PLDT modem/router used the same prefix “pldtwifi” that makes it vulnerable.

The next last 5 digits are also the last 5 digits of modem/router mac address. So, it is very easy to guess. A simple WiFi analyzer can help intruders get your WiFi password without sweat.

[SIZE=3]Benefits of changing your PLDT WiFi Password

  • Reduces the risk of your WiFi getting hacked.
  • Helps protect your PLDT WiFi password against [I]WiFi hacker apps[/I].
  • Gives you the control of your WiFi password.

[SIZE=3]7 quick and easy steps to change PLDT WiFi Password

1.) Login to your PLDT modem/router by typing its address on your browser “”. Type the PLDT Default Password (if you did not change it), to enter into your PLDT [I]router[/I] settings.

2.) Once your inside your modem/router look for the “set-up” tab or Wireless Security Setup.

3.) You must see the following choices, WAN, LAN and WLAN. Select the WLAN which stands for Wireless Local Area Network.

4.) Click the “Security” tab to see the “encryption“, “Pre-Shared Key Format” and “Pre-Shared Key” options.

5.) In “Encryption” drop down button, you can select the type of encryption you want for your PLDT WiFi Password. The WEP, WPA (TKIP), WPA (AES), WPA2 (AES), WPA2 (TKIP) and WPA2 Mixed. The recommended encryption is [I]WPA2 Mixed[/I] but you can try the other option.

6.) Choose your Pre-Shared Key Format, you can go with Hex but I recommend to use the “Passphrase“.

7.) The last but for sure not the least step is setting your password in Pre-Shared Key box. Type your desired password. It is recommended to use a combination of numbers, letters, lowercase and uppercase for your password. Then click the “apply changes” and “save”.

Tips: When creating a PLDT WiFi password the longer the better but the problem is it’s hard to remember. The workaround is instead of letters, numbers and other characters combinations, a complete sentence password is better. Like [I]“PLDT is the best internet provider”[/I] or [I]“I love you honey!”[/I]. Just be careful with your spaces and upper or lower cases.

[SIZE=3]How to change PLDT WiFi password on Prolink Routers?

For those who doesn’t have the full admin access, you navigate to WLAN -> Security -> Pre-Shared Key. Input your desired password and click the “Applied Changes”.

To all [I]PLDT subscribers[/I] that can access the superuser account. you change your PLDT WiFi password by going to Setup -> WLAN -> Security -> Preshared Key. Type the WiFi password that you want to change your PLDT WiFi password.

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