Very Easy Ways to Secure PLDT WiFi Home DSL now!


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Nov 8, 2018
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[SIZE=3]How to block hacker and secure PLDT WiFi Home DSL

PLDT WiFI Home DSL internet comes with cable and wireless connection or popularly known us WiFi. The default WiFi password of DSL PLDT modem-router is alphanumeric. It looks like this, [I]“PLDTWIFI12b4e”[/I]. It seems solid and unhackable but in reality that is not the case.

From simple apps to advance tools, your PLDT WiFi Home DSL is not safe, as you think it is. Anyone, from your neighbors can install android apps, such as WiFi analyzer, Kali Linux Nethunter tool, PLDT WiFi hacker and [I]others[/I]. Using the apps and tools I just mentioned, your DSL WiFi security may be challenged.

So, is there a way or ways to protect your PLDT DSL WiFi 100 percent? Yes there is, but there is no such things as 100 percent. Nonetheless, by following the step by step guide below it will keep your
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WiFi Home DSL safer than doing nothing at all.

[SIZE=3]Step by step guide to protect PLDT Home DSL WiFi

1. Change your PLDT WiFi home DSL password. I provided the complete tutorial in this post:
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. Although everything is already explained on the given link.

I just have something to add. If you will not change your PLDT DSL WiFi password chances are, someone may see it, at the back or bottom of your router. Aside from that, it is easy to guess by just using a simple WiFi apps.

2. Change your PLDT DSL WiFi name or SSID. Go to “Setup” -> “Basic” -> “WLAN”. Look for “SSID:(PLDTHOMEDSL+user defined)” and write in the blank box after it, the desired WiFi name you want.

By replacing the default SSID name, it will block some apps to access your PLDT DSL WiFi. I personally tried the PLDT WiFi hacker after changing my home DSL SSID. The result is [I]“SSID not supported error”[/I]. It means that WiFi hacker apps may find it hard to crack your WiFi, if you change your SSID name.

[SIZE=3]Disable SSID or Enable Access control

3. Disable Wireless LAN interface or in other words, disable SSID broadcast. Why should I? How can I connect to my DSL WiFi if my phone or laptop can’t detect it?

If you don’t broadcast your SSID or WiFi name, it will not be open to the public. The result of my test using WiFi analyzer shows that PLDT SSID is undetectable, if disabled. We can say that it is indeed safer to have it turned off.

How can you connect to your DSL WiFi if it is off? Well, you must turn it on first. Then connect all your devices before turning off the SSID broadcast. And remember to save the WiFi password and you should check the “auto connect”. To automatically connect all your gadgets once your WiFi is ON even if your SSID broadcast is off.

4. Enable Access control lists. This is only applicable to those having a root access or the adminpldt. If you don’t have access on your root admin, you may visit the nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center if adminpldt is not working or accessible. By the way, you need to enable SSID to access Wireless Access Control.

First, you need to get the mac addresses of your device/s.

How? Go to [I]WLAN[/I]-> [I]Basic[/I]-> [I]Show active client[/I]. Copy all the mac addresses of the device that you want to access your WiFi.

[I]On Access Control List[/I] -> [I]Wireless Access Control Mode[/I] -> select the [I]Allow listed[/I] this will mean all the listed mac addresses can access your WiFi. In MAC address box, paste the mac address/s, if you receive an error, just [I]remove the colon’s from your mac address/s[/I]. Instead of something like this; 40:1l:c9:2H:b5:5e, change it with this, 401lc92Hb55e. Then, click the “add” button and repeat the process if you have more mac addresses to add.

From now on, any device that is not listed in the Access Control List will not be able to access your WiFi, even if they know your WiFi password.

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