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Nov 8, 2018
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[SIZE=5]Image[/SIZE]Item NameDescription
929[SIZE=4]Haas' Claws[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+70 Physical ATK
Unique :+20% Lifesteal

Unique Passive - Insanity : [I]When HP drops below 40% ,the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal[/I][/SIZE]
930[SIZE=4]Berserker's Fury[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+65 Physical ATK | +25% Crity Chance
Unique :+40% Crit Damage

Unique Passive - DOOM : [I]Crit strikes will increase one's physical attack %5 , lasting 2s[/I][/SIZE]
931[SIZE=4]Windtalker[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+40% Attack Speed | +20 Movement Speed | +10 Crit Chance
Unique Passive - Typhoon : [I]Every 3.5 secs. , basic attack hits 3 enemy units and deal 100 pts of magic damage. This effect's cd drops as your critical chance rises while damage rises as attack speed rises. Unique Passive-Activate:Each time Typhoon is cast , one's movement speed will be increased 5% for short time[/I][/SIZE]
932[SIZE=4]Endless Battle[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+65 Physical ATK | +25 Mana Regen | +250 HP | 10% CD |
+5% Movement Speed | +15% Lifesteal
Unique Passive - Divine Justice : [I]After using an ability, the next basic attack will deal additional 85% of physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 Sec. Unique Passive-Chase Fate: When Divine Justice's effect is triggered, it will increase the hero's movement speed 10%.[/I][/SIZE]
933[SIZE=4]Malefic Roar[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+60 Physical ATK
Unique :+40% Physical PEN[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Unique Passive - Armor Buster : [I]Basic attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret's defensive armor. [/I][/SIZE]
934[SIZE=4]Hunter Strike[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+100 Physical ATK | +10% CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Pursue : [I]Attacks the enemy 5 times in a row and improves the hero's movement speed by 30% for 2 s.This effect has a cooldown of 15s[/I] [/SIZE]
935[SIZE=4]Demon Hunter Sword[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+35 Physical ATK | +25% Attack Speed
Unique Passive - Devour : [I]Basic attacks will deal 9% of the target's current HP as additional physical damage (up to 60 against monsters). Each basic attack grants 4% health stealing for 3 secs.Stacks up 5 times.[/I][/SIZE]
936[SIZE=4]Rose Gold Meteor[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+60 Physical ATK | +5% Lifesteal | +30 Magic RES
Unique Passive - Lifeline : [I]Gain a shield that can absorb 510-1350 damage(increases with level) when HP is below 30%.The effect has a 30 second cooldown[/I] [/SIZE]
937[SIZE=4]Deadly Blade[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+65 Physical ATK | +20% Attack Speed
Unique Passive - Life Drain : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Lowers 50% of target's HP regen effect when dealing damage to it lasting 3s[/SIZE] [/I]
938[SIZE=4]Corrosion Scythe[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+50 Physical ATK | +5% Movement Speed | +25% Attack Speed
Unique Passive - Corrosion : [I]Basic attacks have 50% probability of slowing enemy units by 40% Long ranged basic attacks only slow enemy units by 20%[/I]
Unique Passive - İmpulse : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Basic attack deals damage to enemies, while hero's attack speed rises by 8%. Stack up to 5 times. Lasts 3 seconds[/SIZE][/I]
939[SIZE=4]Blade of Despair[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+170 Physical ATK | +5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive - Despair : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Attacking enemy units that have HP below 50% will raise hero's physical damage by 25%. Last 2 secs. (Takes affect before damage is dealt)[/SIZE][/I]
940[SIZE=4]Blade of the 7 Seas[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+75 Physical ATK | +300 HP
Unique Passive - Steamroll : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Skills will lower the target's physical defence by 25 points (applied before damage), lasts for 3 seconds.[/SIZE] [/I]
941[SIZE=4]Golden Staff[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+65 Physcial Attack | +30% Attack Speed
Unique Passive - Swift : [I]Unable to increase critical chance. Every 1% of critical chance gained will increase attack speed by 1%. [/I]
Unique Passive - Endless Strike : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Normal basic attacks add a stacks of Endless strike.After accumulating 2 stacks of endless strike , the effect of next basic attack is triggered 3 times.[/SIZE][/I]
942[SIZE=4]Scarlet Phantom[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+30 Physical ATK | +20 Attack Speed | +25% Crit Chance
Unique Passive - Frenzy : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Crit strikes will increase the hero's attack speed 30% and crit strike rate 5%, lasting 2 secs.[/SIZE] [/I]
943[SIZE=4]Bloodlust Axe[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+70 Physical ATK | +10% CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Bloodthirsty : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]When skills cause damage, heals 20% of damage as HP for the hero[/SIZE] [/I]
944[SIZE=4]Wind of Nature[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+10 Physical Attack | +25% Attack Speed | +15% Lifesteal
Unique Passive - Wind Chant : [I]Activate to become immune all physical damage. Lasts 2 seconds. Cooldown is 80 seconds. Duration is reduced by half when not using marksman. [/I]
Unique Passive - Wind Chant : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Immune to all physical damage[/SIZE] [/I]
945[SIZE=4]Courage Bulwark[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+770 HP | +10 CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Bravery : [I]Increases 10% of attack power and defense for nearby allies.[/I]
Unique Passive - Heavy Armor : [I]Nearby soldiers can take more defense turret damage.[/I]
Active skill - Encourage : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Raise the movement speed of hero and nearby allied heroes by 30%. Also raises physical and magic damage by 20%. Lasts 3 secs.This effect has a 40 secs cooldown[/SIZE] [/I]
946[SIZE=4]Blade Armor[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+90 ARMOR
Unique Passive - Counterstrike : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Deals 25% of opponent's physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attacks received[/SIZE] [/I]
947[SIZE=4]Wings of the Apocalypse Queen[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+15 Physical ATK | +10% CD | +1000 HP
Unique Passive - Demonize :[/SIZE][I][SIZE=3] Reduces damage taken by 50% when health is less than 40%, and increases your lifesteal 30%. Lasts 5 secs. This effect has a 50 secs cooldown.[/SIZE] [/I]
948[SIZE=4]Athena's Shield[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+900 HP | +56 Magic RES | +20 HP Regen
Unique Passive - Refuge : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Get a damage - absorbing shield every 30 sec. Shield absorption amount grows as the match goes on maxing out at 1150[/SIZE] [/I]
949[SIZE=4]Immortality[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+800 HP | +40 Magic RES
Unique Passive - Immortal : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300 - 1000 pts of damage. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s[/SIZE] [/I]
950[SIZE=4]Brute Force Breastplate[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+770 HP | +45 ARMOR
Unique Passive - Brute Force : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Casting a skill will increase one's capabilities, increases movement speed by 3% and physical and magical defense by 4%. Lasts 4 secs. Stack up to 4 times.[/SIZE] [/I]
951[SIZE=4]Twilight Armor[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+1200 HP | +400 MANA | +50 HP Regen
Unique Passive - Defiance : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Physical damage recieved will not exceed 900 points. Cooldown is 4 secs[/SIZE] [/I]
952[SIZE=4]Sky Guardian Helmet[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+1550 HP | +100 HP REGEN
Unique Passive - Recovery : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Regenerates 1.5% of hero's total hp. Eliminating enemy heroes raises regeneration rate by 0.4% , while assists only raises the rate by 0.2% (includes eliminations and assists prior to purchase) up to 3.5%. This effect wears off after 5 secs of the hero taking damage[/SIZE][/I]
953[SIZE=4]Antique Cuirass[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+920 HP | +54 ARMOR | +30 HP Regen
Unique Passive - Deter : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his/her attack power 6%. This effect lasts 2secs and can stack up to 3 times.[/SIZE][/I]
954[SIZE=4]Oracle[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+850 HP | +36 Magic RES | +10% CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Bless : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Raises shield absoption and HP regeneration effects 25%.[/SIZE][/I]
955[SIZE=4]Cursed Helmet[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+920 HP | +50 Magic RES
Unique Passive - Burning Soul : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Nearby enemy targets take 1.5% of their max hp as magic damage and deals extra 50% of damage to minions[/SIZE][/I]
956[SIZE=4]Dominance Ice[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+500 Mana | +70 ARMOR | +10% Crit Chance Reduction
Unique +10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive - Arctic Cold : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Lowers movement speed 5% and lowers attack speed 30% for nearby enemy heroes. [/SIZE][/I]
957[SIZE=4]Thunder Belt[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+800 HP | +30 Mana Regen | +10% CD | +40 ARMOR
Unique Passive - Thunderbolt : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]After a hero activates this skill , their next basic attack deals bonus attack that equal 2% of the hero's total hp.The enemy target and surrounding units are slowed for 1.5 secs. This effect only be used once every 1.5 secs.[/SIZE][/I]
958[SIZE=4]Fleeting Time[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+70 Magic Power | +15 Mana Regen
Unique Passive - Timestream : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]After an elimination or assist the CD of the hero's ultimate is immediately reduced by 35%[/SIZE][/I]
959[SIZE=4]Blood Wings[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+150 Magic Power | +500 HP
Unique Passive - Nirvana : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Adds 1.5 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.[/SIZE][/I]
960[SIZE=4]Ice Queen Wand[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+75 Magic Power | +10 Spell Vamp | +150 Mana | +7% Movement Speed
Unique Passive - Ice Bound : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times. [/SIZE] [/I]
961[SIZE=4]Concentrated Energy[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+70 Magic Power | +700 HP
Unique +25% Spell Vamp

Unique Passive - Recharge : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Regen 10% of one's HP after killing a hero[/SIZE][/I]
962[SIZE=4]Holy Crystal[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+90 Magic Power
Unique +25% Magic Power

Unique Passive - Exterminate : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with a built-in cooldown time of 10s.[/SIZE][/I]
963[SIZE=4]Calamity Reaper[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+70 Magic Power | +100 Mana | +30 Mana Regen | +10% CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Calamity : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]After using a skill, the next basic attack deals extra true damage equal to 120% magic attack with a cooldown of 1.5s. Briefly raises movement speed by 10%[/SIZE][/I]
964[SIZE=4]Clock of Destiny[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+60 Magic Power | +615 HP | +600 Mana
Unique Passive - Time : [I]Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attack every 30s. Up to 10 times.[/I]
Unique Passive - Reincarnate : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]If Time is fully stacked, then the hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana.[/SIZE][/I]
965[SIZE=4]Enchanted Talisman[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+50 Magic Power | +250 HP | +20% CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Mana Spring : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Regen 10% total of one's max mana every 10 sec[/SIZE][/I]
966[SIZE=4]Divine Glaive[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+65 Magic Power
Unique +%40 Magical Pen

Unique Passive - Spellbreaker : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]When HP is higher than 70% the unique bonus effect is increased 30%[/SIZE][/I]
967[SIZE=4]Feather of Heaven[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+65 Magic Power | +30% Attack Speed | +5% Movement Speed Unique Passive - Affliction : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Basic attacks will deal 40% of the hero's AP as additional magic damage.[/SIZE][/I]
968[SIZE=4]Glowing Wand[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+75 Magic Power | +5% Movement Speed | +400 HP
Unique Passive - Scorch : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, dealing 2%/3%/4% of the target's current HP as Magic Damage(10 damage minimum)[/SIZE][/I]
969[SIZE=4]Winter Truncheon[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+60 Magic Power | +25 Armor | +400 HP
Unique Passive - Frozen : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Activating this skill,hero is unable to move but immune to any damage, lasts 2 secs. Cd is 100 secs[/SIZE][/I]
970[SIZE=4]Soul Scroll[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+20 Magic Power
Unique:+15 Magic PEN

Unique Passive - Soul Steal : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Elimintaing a hero grants 5 soul stack, while assists grant 3 stacks. Every 15 soul stacks convert into 25 points of magic damage. Lose all stacks upon death.(Already converted stacks are unaffected). Gain up to 100 point of magic damage[/SIZE][/I]
971[SIZE=4]Necklace of Durance[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+70 Magic Power | +10 Spell Vamp | +10% CD Reduction
Unique Passive - Life Drain :[/SIZE][I][SIZE=3] Skill dealing damage to target reduces the regen effect by 50% for 3s[/SIZE][/I]
972[SIZE=4]Lightning Truncheon[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+75 Magic Power | +%10 CD Rduction | +300 Mana
Unique Passive - Resonate : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Every 6 seconds, hero's next magical damage to up to 3 enemies that scales with hero's maximum mana[/SIZE][/I]
973[SIZE=4]Warrior Boots[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+22 Armor
Unique : +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Valor : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Physical defense will go up 5 with easch basic attack received for an increase of up to 25 points, lasting 3s[/SIZE][/I]
974[SIZE=4]Tough Boots[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+22 Magic RES
Unique : +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Fortitude : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Reduces time controlled by 25%[/SIZE][/I]
975[SIZE=4]Magic Shoes[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+%10 CD Reduction
Unique : +40 Movement Speed
976[SIZE=4]Arcane Boots[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+15 Magical Pen
Unique :+40 Movement Speed
977[SIZE=5]Swift Boots[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+15% Movement Speed
Unique :+40 Movement Speed
981[SIZE=4]Rapid Boots[/SIZE][SIZE=3]Unique : +90 Movement Speed
Unique Passive - Side Effect : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Dealing or taking damage slows hero's movement speed by 45 points. Lasts 5 secs.[/SIZE][/I]
979[SIZE=4]Wizard Boots[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+300 HP
Unique : +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Plunder : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]80 gold will be awarded for assist[/SIZE][/I]
980[SIZE=4]Demon Shoes[/SIZE][SIZE=3]+30 Mana Regen
Unique : + 40 Movement speed

Unique Passive : [/SIZE][I][SIZE=3]Eliminations of enemy heroes and assists regenaretes hero's mana by 10%, while eliminating minions regenerate 4% of the hero's mana[/SIZE][/I]
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